Body Rider Fan Bike Review

Whenever women talk about getting back in their favorite pair of pants, we’d say Body Rider Fan Bike is the right choice for the task! Well, acknowledging the fact that you need to lose weight and motivating yourself to get out of your couch and hit the gym are two entirely different things.  Everyone knows that they need to shape up their body, cutting off from a huge pack of potato chips to knock the gym’s door is not an easy task.  However, Body Rider Fan Bike is just the right choice to help you get fit again, despite your lazy personality, small living room and a tight budget.

“Body Rider Fan Bike” is a more attractive form of traditional exercise machines. It is also known as the elliptical bike. It is a champion. After having the experience of approx. 20 years in the related field, the company invented the Body Rider Fan Bike (BRF 700), the best choice for your indoor cycling plan. Body Champ has been famous for their reasonable priced products. If you are the lazy one in your family, who is always bullied by friends and family for not being active enough, then this exercise bike is surely going to hit you. Body Rider Fan Bike has everything you have been searching for ever since. A portable and reasonable exercise bike that fits in your living room and all you can do is paddle, paddle and paddle as much as you can while watching your favorite shows on television.


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Features of Body Rider Fan Bike

This review discusses the design features, display console and overall quality of the Body Rider Fan Bike.

Design Features:

You have surely been using some other cycling machines, but in spite of that, you cannot challenge the features of Body Rider Fan Bike. It has much more to offer than the usual paddling machines.

body ride fan bikeBody Rider Fan Bike offers a comfortable seat and foot pedals at the standard place, with prominent moveable handles. These moveable handles are unique in their design in comparison to Schwinn’s popular Air Dyne to elliptical trainers. These handles are no less than a 2-in-1 machine.

Body Rider Fan Bike also facilitates you to adjust the resistance manually.  There is a small tension adjustment hand wheel directly in front of the seat for this purpose.

However, it needs to be mentioned here that the Body Rider Fan Bike does take more space as compared to some competitors because it cannot be folded.  It measures 45″ (L) x 23.25″ (W) x 45.63″ (H) and weighs 45 lbs.

Value for Money:

Body Rider Fan Bike is a product that you will never regret spending your money on. It does great justice with the amount of money paid for it. You will need to compromise on certain features like lacking the pre-setting functions and heart rate monitor, but it still fits best in your budget because of its modern and unique features such as resistance fan, adjustible tension wheel, bigger LCD panel and so on.

Friction Belt Resistance System:

Body Rider Fan Bike provides a broad range of facilities that no other manual exercising machine can ever provide. The Friction Belt Resistance System makes it no less than an electronic one in competition. Body Rider Fan Bike creates no fuss by making you wait for the resistance to catch up on your desired settings and then function. Instead, you can quickly shift from a lower speed to the higher one with a simple kick to your pedal. Yes! I said a pedal. It’s incredible isn’t it that it’s just the matter of a kick.

body ride fan bike reviewThis bike is specially designed to motivate your inner will to workout. The speed of the Body Rider Fan Bike depends on how fast you paddle it, the faster you paddle, the cooler air reaches your legs through the fan lying in place of a wheel and motivates you to paddle more to seek cooler air.

Well, if you find the resistance provided by the tension control not challenging enough, then there is good news for you that the bike also facilitates you to replace the tension belts. You may alter the internal ones by tying them more tightly for a higher friction so that you have to paddle it with more force.

Display Facilities:

The display facilities are quite simple in Body Rider Fan Bike with an LCD panel showing distance, speed, and time of your workout.  It also shows the number of calories burned. However, not to forget that the measurement of calories burned is not exact.  It varies with body ride fan bike reviewsbody types. Operating these features is also not a big deal as it just requires a single button to push on it and then scroll through all these features.

People often complain about the absence of the heart rate monitor, but I say that there is no point of having it. The manufacturing of this machine is such that it falls within the reasonable budget of a middle-class customer.  The features available in this Bike are worth the price you need to pay for this.  

Lastly, the display panel operates with just 2 AA batteries, which is quite convenient.

Easy to Assemble:

As soon as you get a new product in your hands, you feel anxious to experience it, but unfortunately, you always have to wait a long time to fit and assemble the parts of your product to get it to a working state. Well, if you are such a curious person to use your new machine body ride fan bike reviewssas soon as you get it, the Bike Rider Fan Bike won’t let you suffer the misery. Trust us; it takes even less than thirty minutes to get it assembled. Apart from the paddles, seat and handles all other parts including flywheel housing, base and fan for resistance come assembled.

Well, it also provides you with an excellent manual and a few wrenches within a ‘nut and bolts’ kit, which means you don’t have to go all the way to your storeroom to get your toolbox. It’s quite simple. You can find everything in the packaging, and you are ready to assemble and use your product.

Work Options:

Body Rider Fan Bike does much justice to the price. People often complain about fewer features, but I say when you are paying sufficiently less amount for this compact package of benefits, then it is okay to compromise a little.  Body Rider Fan Bike fits best to fulfil your desire for a perfect cardio workout with ergonomic design and resistance system.

However, the bike does not contain any features such as pre-setting your workout plan.  Instead, you can manage your plan with suitable changes in speed and resistance. It’s like faster speed, and resistance leads to higher or faster work options and vice versa.

It allows you to set your daily work plan according to your desire. Let’s say someday you are exhausted; the machine won’t restrict you to paddle fast and lose all your energy.  NO! It’s not like that. Body Rider Fan Bike is the most convenient one you can ever have. You can paddle on resistance 8 for starting 30 seconds and then shift to a lower resistance level for the next 90 seconds. Isn’t it the best of all? Considering the case of electronic features of pre-setting it at a certain speed. Will you still be so comfortable using it after a tiring office meeting? Not really! You will just prefer to preserve your energy to cook food for your family and skip your exercise for that day.  Body Rider Fan Bike lets you do light exercise on the day you feel too tired to move already.

  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Resistance fan exerts a cool breeze that keeps you cool and devoted towards your workout keeping you energized.
  • Low impact exercise doesn’t stress your joints and serves as a source of rehabilitative exercise.
  • Available at Reasonable price.  You can call it a competitive price.  It gives value for money due to the provided features.
  • Handlebar design of this machine assists a full body workout moving the upper and lower body muscle groups.
  • Adjustable seat for all heights even if you are over 6 feet, Body Rider Fan Bike is good to go for your workout plan.

  • The Bike contains Sun Lite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle as its seat.  It is considered a comfortable seat for the people of all sizes, but users often complain about it being uncomfortable.
  • The seat is found out to be solidly built and fixed in a place rather than being moveable.
  • The bike lacks pre-setting functions.
  • The internal fan makes much noise.
  • Not comfortable for people over 5’6” because despite setting the seat for maximum height, their knees will still be bent and will end up hitting them on the handles.

Reviewing all the pros and cons, Body Rider Fan Bike stands out to be a good option to fit your budget. It contains all the benefits: compact enough to fit into your living room, speed adjustment ability simply with the paddle and the workout not restricted to the lower body only.  It facilitates you to tone the upper body muscles as well. Moreover, the more you peddle, the more you’re rewarded with the cold air coming out of the cooling fan.  In our opinion, Body Rider Fan Bike is a must buy and the best choice in a budget.

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