ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review

Proform Pro 2000 is a versatile treadmill that is a walker, runner and a jogger combined. This treadmill is the result of thirty years of research and development in the area of fitness engineering and technology.  Despite that, it’s the most affordable of all the fitness equipment in the Pro series. It is made up of durable, sturdy material which supports maximum user weight of up to 350 pounds. Moreover, it is a foldable treadmill which saves space and is easy to place. Proform Pro 2000 comes with an ample running space and a large deck. That makes it quite convenient to use. The most interesting feature of Proform Pro is its ability to incline. It offers several workout options and comes with many add-ons which make Proform Pro 2000 an impressive treadmill.

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Proform Pro 2000

Product Description

  • Height – 70 inch
  • Width – 39.15 inch
  • Length – 77.16 inch
  • Weight – 230 pounds
  • Running Surface – 22-inch x 60-inch
  • User Weight Capacity – 350 pounds
  • Media Friendly – 3 speakers for iPod
  • Workout Screen – 7 inches backlit LED display
  • Program Variety – 32 built-in profile programs.
  • Incline/Decline – Electronic incline & decline settings from -3 to 15%.
  • Motor – 3.5 HP
  • Top Speed – 12 MHP

Features of Proform Pro 2000


Proform Pro 2000Proform Pro 2000, like other treadmills of the Pro series, is foldable. This treadmill with the help of its SpaceSaver Technology can easily be folded after usage. That makes it easy to store without requiring too much space. It also features shock assist (EasyLift) technology because of which you can lower down the treadmill deck and can fold it in a vertical position.


Proform Pro 2000Proform Pro 2000 treadmill comes with a very sizeable running track. It is 60″ long and 22″ wide. The width is good enough to run or walk comfortably without hitting the side supports. It is also suitable for taller people. Even 6ft+ users can run on it because of its great size. Unlike lower-end treadmills, the diameter of Pro 2000 rear belt roller is 2.5 inch. That helps in improving the durability of the track by minimising the wear and tear. It can bear user weight of up to 350 pounds which means it is suitable for even overweight people and won’t falter around during running.


Proform Pro 2000 comes with a fully cushioned deck for a comfortable run and walk. The patented shock absorbers are great to protect the user’s joints, knees, feet and ankles. That feature keeps you away from extra stress and ensures a comfortable run, walk or jog.


This Pro 2000 machine gets power through a commercial motor of 3.5 continuous horsepower. Proform Pro have used their Mach Z Commercial Pro motor which is spin balanced and helps in reducing the vibration during intense workouts while keeping the noise to a minimum. The motor is high capacity and can easily handle a variety of exercises, from regular joggers to hardcore runners. Also, its self-cooling feature increases its durability and life. In case of dysfunction, the lifetime warranty on the motor helps you fix the issue.


Proform Pro 2000Proform Pro 2000 features a unique decline option which is not available in other treadmills of the similar price range. However, like all electric treadmills, it comes with an incline option. The incline feature with an additive decline option ranges from -3% to 15%. The user can burn two times more calories with the uphill run which is possible because of its 15% incline option. This incline training is an effective way to burn extra calories than normal straight running. With Proform Pro 2000 you can also run or walk at a decline rate of up to 3%. The downhill run too is very efficient in burning calories and for competent running. The feature greatly helps in simulating outdoor running conditions. Plus, it draws focus on several other muscle fibers and improves their damage resistance by challenging them. It is very useful for professional athletes as real-life marathons are usually based on downhill running.


It features an adjustable speed. You can go as high as 12 miles per hour, depending on the nature of your workout. Besides basic walking and running, it is also suitable for an extensive workout which is possible by increasing the speed & adjusting incline/decline.

Quick Controls:

Proform Pro 2000 features easy to access, quick controls of the speed and incline. It consists of two sets of quick-select settings; one is for incline adjustment, and the other is for running belt’s speed adjustment. With just a button user can smoothly jump from one speed to another.  Also, the user can even make micro adjustments of up to decimals with the help of precision quick touch controls.

Program Variety: 

workout screenPro 200 comes with 32 built-in workouts. These include iFit demos and other treadmill workout programs which focus on basic weight loss, cardiovascular workout, speed goals, incline training, muscle building and high-intensity training. With the help of these programs, the user can minimise the setup time. Their built-in quality automatically adjusts treadmill track’s speed and angle according to the program you have chosen. Also, users can subscribe to iFit Coach for a vast variety of programs against a small monthly fee. Once subscribed, you can access a variety of pro-organised workout programs. Every day you can choose a new workout plan to keep the interest alive. There is also an option of tailor-made exercises for the user by the trainer Jillian Michaels. The app helps you provide a personalised diet plan.

Customized Route:

You can create many interactive Google Maps workouts. With the aid of the iFit app, you can simulate your exercise along any Goggle maps trail. You can choose any distant location, like France or Switzerland, or a route closer to your house. The app then designs the run and adjusts the speed and incline/decline for the chosen outdoor location. After this, you can start running. You can also use Google Maps interactive Street View for your workout path which is available for many routes.

Workout Screen: 

workout screenProform Pro 2000 comes with a 7 – inch LED display which is backlit for easy reading in dim light. The workout screen displays and calculates workout data of the speed, incline/decline rate, mileage, calorie burn, heart rate, ¼ Mile Track and the time spent while exercising. This data can be used in conjunction with iFit coach app which gives detailed and more engaging workout description/display beside providing these basic stats.

Heart-Rate Monitoring:

It also has the feature to monitor the runner’s heart rate throughout the running with the help of pulse grips and Polar Wireless Chest Strap. It is especially useful during fast running to keep a check on cardio health. The user can gain maximum speed of 12 miles per hour that comes to 5 minutes per mile. During such fast running wireless chest strap helps a lot in monitoring the heart rate and health.


Proform Pro 2000 is very media friendly and entertains the needs of the user. It comes with three speakers which can be used for iPod or any compatible Mp3 player to keep the interest of the user alive. Besides it also features a built-in tablet holder because of which you can easily access your fitness tool on the tablet.

Quiet Machine:

Proform Pro 2000 is a quiet machine and does not produce noise during its operation. Even during intense workouts, its motor and deck remain silent and does not produce noise because of its precision engineering. Its non-flex rollers are balanced and guarantee a smooth ride to the runner for either 1 mile or 26 miles.

Accessory Tray:

It features a built-in accessory tray which is very convenient to store all the small things, like phone, keys, iPods, etc. during running.

Water Bottle Holder:

Water is vital to keep you hydrated during workouts, and a water holder in the exercise equipment is essential. Proform Pro 2000 has two water bottle holders. So now you don’t have to worry about where to keep your water bottle during running.


It comes with a CoolAire fan installed in the treadmill console to keep you cool during extensive workouts. The fan has two speeds. You can set the one which is according to your desire.


It is a great treadmill that offers competitive features of some expensive treadmills at a very low price. You can get this versatile treadmill at an amazing bargain price of less than $1500.

Easy to Assemble:

Proform Pro 2000 is easy and quick to assemble. You can set it up within two hours, and after that, it will be ready to use.


The manufacturers provide a valid warranty for Proform Pro. They offer a lifetime warranty on its frame and motor and a five-year warranty for its parts and electronics. They also offer two-year warranty for service.


  • It is an efficient treadmill which everyone can use, from regular exercise enthusiast to professional athletes.
  • Wide running surface.
  • Backlit LED display.
  • It features both power incline and decline options.
  • It comes with built-in 32 workout programs.
  • It offers an option to customise the exercise plan.
  • Storage space is available for holding accessories.
  • It is a quiet machine.
  • Users can get an iFit subscription for enhanced workout programs.
  • Foldable.
  • Lifetime warranty on motor and frame.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Fan to keep you cool.
  • Three speakers for iPod & Mp3 player.



  • Slow customer service.
  • The tablet holder is poorly placed, and if a tablet is put in it, it restricts the data screen view.
  • To use the “iFit app”, a separate monitor is required which should be bought separately.
  • It’s hard to unpack and assemble at first because of the heavy box weight.
  • Vertically the running deck folds up to 70 degrees instead of folding completely as claimed.

Proform Pro 2000 is a versatile treadmill that comes with great features at a reasonable price. Its unique decline feature helps the user in experimenting with different workouts for outdoor activities, while the speed limit is useful for intense workouts. It is a durable treadmill which is made up of solid material and can be easily folded for convenient storage. It is suitable for everyone, from beginners to intermediate level runners and professionals, everyone can effectively take benefit from Proform Pro 2000.


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